General Conditions

All applications must be accompanied by the documents required by the competent authorities to obtain a visa (eg valid passport, visa application form duly completed, signed by the applicant and checked, photos, invitation letter, etc.), as well as a Shipping Guide VISATEAM.

All applications must comply with the visa preparation deadlines set by the embassies.

Visa costs are indicated in the “REQUIREMENTS CARD” of each Embassy, published in the “Customer Area” at, whose alteration alerts are sent regularly.

Upon receipt and sorting of the process by VISATEAM, if you are asked to return the process will be charged 50% service fee per passport.

After receiving the process, the prepayment and the respective sending of proof are requested. VISATEAM offers customized solutions (floating deposit), consult us:

If the visa application is made with a deadline of less than 12 hours in relation to its delivery at the Embassy there will be an additional service fee of € 15 + VAT (23%) per applicant.

The service fee will be charged in all cases that are not accepted by consular entities due to any non-compliance with the request or the non-approval of the respective consular entities, as well as the costs of sending .

If additional visits to the embassies are necessary due to reasons beyond VISATEAM, 100% of the service charge will be charged.

Please be advised that in case of denial of visa issuance / registration online the consular fees are not refundable.


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VISATEAM is not responsible for the loss of any extra-process documents. The application process must be solely and exclusively accompanied by the documents mentioned in the information sheets or other expressly requested. VISATEAM is not obliged to control and return documents not indicated or requested. VISATEAM is not responsible for delays in the issuance of visas, as well as for issuing or reserving tickets, hotels and other services before issuing the visa. We warn that delays and denials can occur and are always subject to consular appreciation.

Whenever National, International shipments are requested for return, delivery or processing of processes, VISATEAM shall not be responsible for any misconduct / loss of documents by the transporting entity.

We accept the General Conditions at the time of delivery of the documentation together with our branches and / or via email, as well as the reading of the document delivery acceptance term, sent in our communications via e-mail and in person, for the purpose of protecting the personal data of the applicant or his representative when requesting the services to VISATEAM.